Winner 2023 / Packaging / Beverage

Chacui Fruit Tea

  • Prize
    Winner in Beverage / Packaging
  • Company
    Linshaobin Design Shenzhen
  • Lead
    Shaobin Lin
  • Team
    Xianqi Cai,Minjia Wu
  • Client
    Jinmailang Drink Co.,Ltd
  • Credits
    Photo by Yanpeng Chen

Chacui is the ice-black tea drink launched by Jinmailang.By the appearance of young consumers, we decided to take a simple style, large-scale pure white background with simple color graphics and typesetting. On the graphic, we use lines to form the graphic of fruit tea like fonts, then contrast color is added to strengthen the visual impact of the packaging, so that the category and taste can be clearly expressed, and it can also have a strong visual contrast with other ice black tea on the shelves.