Winner 2022 / Branding / Corporate identity

Caribou: Fintech Company Rebranding

  • Prize
    Winner in Corporate identity / Branding
  • Company
    Catchword Branding
  • Lead
    Mark Skoultchi, Maria Cypher
  • Team
    Catchword Branding
  • Client
    Caribou (formerly MotoRefi)

Catchword helped auto finance company MotoRefi rebrand, including brand positioning and new name. We worked closely with the client to identify the brand’s fundamental benefits (control over finances and the freedom of car ownership) and create a robust new name. The name Caribou is delightfully unexpected. It conjures images of agility and natural freedom, reinforcing the ideas of financial freedom and the independence gained by owning your own car. The name recalls both car (visually) and care (aurally), underscoring its customer-centric approach, while the final bou is playful and friendly.

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