Winner 2022 / Typography / Other typography

The Flower Dance of Illusions

  • Prize
    Winner in Other typography / Typography
  • Company
    Nanyang Technological University
  • Lead
    Cindy Wang
  • Team
    Jan Hsieh, M.Synchrony, ©YHLAA
  • Client
    Taichung Blossom Pavilion, Taiwan
  • Video

This experimental type is an ideological aesthetic and art expression based on the Chinese philosophy of “emptiness/elusion” and “solidity/reality”. The artwork seeks to ignite the audience’s imagination, through exploring spatiality, geometric shapes, light and shadow, creating an illusion of a flower dance. It brings a new experience of the classical poem as visitors “walk amongst poetry”. The project was commissioned by Blossom Pavilion in Taichung, Taiwan, to create a site specific installation for the Spring festival event, titled “Blossom 2022”. It was opened in December 2021.