Winner 2022 / Advertising / Innovative technologies (VR and other)

Gibco Cell Culture Basics Virtual Lab

  • Prize
    Winner in Innovative technologies (VR and other) / Advertising
  • Company
    Spinning Clock Ltd
  • Lead
    David Lister
  • Team
    Esme Fallows, Stuart Fowler, David Lister
  • Client
    Thermo Fisher Scientific

As part of a global communication campaign, Thermo Fisher Scientific asked us to to create an immersive environment where scientists could engage with lifesaving products and experience a fully operational Cell Culture lab from their desktop. Our response was to create a virtual interactive lab environment, with detailed 3D models and accurate workflows. Our solution records results and statistics as users work through their immersive journey. Built in Unity the virtual lab provides a level of functionality usually only seen in VR, providing sustainable, scalable customer engagement.

We help visionary life science organisations communicate the value of their biotechnology clearly.