Winner 2022 / UI & UX Design / User Experience Design


  • Prize
    Winner in User Experience Design / UI & UX Design
  • University
    Hochschule Darmstadt, Fachbereich Gestaltung
  • Lead
    Benedikt Schneeberg

HMI_CC is a design concept which is created for tower cranes. Currently, a crane cabin only provides the user with protection from outside conditions such as weather. The human is merely a cheap resource for serving the crane. HMI_CC changes that situation. The fields of ergonomics, digitalization and work environment are the base for a sustained working place. Examples are a chair that provides advantages in health and an interface which shows process and tasks clear. The main target is to create a human centered design and gain efficiency by focusing on the needs of the crane worker.

Freshly degreed industrial design student. Specialized in UI/UX and Human Machine Interaction.