Best of Best 2022 / Typography / Other typography

Utopian City Poster

  • Prize
    Best of Best in Other typography / Typography
  • University
    Osaka University of Arts
  • Lead
    Qiuyu Li

This poster is created while exploring a new order of typography, fusing architectural motifs and letters. The Modern typography has a result of its extreme pursuit of functionality. As the sensibilities disappear, the design becomes the same without individuality. This is the opposite of the modern values that aim for diversity, and based on this problem, visual expression that allows sensibilities and reason to coexist is the goal. Soviet Modernist architecture is steadily disappearing with the dismantling of the Soviet Union. Aside from politics, it has a meaning to be recorded as a symbol.

QiuYu Li, Born in Beijing China in 1992. graphic designer, I Came to Japan in 2013. Graduated from Osaka Electro-Communication University in 2016, Bachelor of Information Science.Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Graduate school in 2018, Master of Fine Arts. Currently enrolled in the doctoral course at the Graduate School of Osaka University of Arts. 2022, member of WDC(World Design Consortium)and member of IAD(International Association of Designers).working as a freelancer since the end of 2023.