Winner 2022 / Online Media / Websites

UKG Site Redesign

  • Prize
    Winner in Websites / Online Media
  • Company
    Third and Grove
  • Lead
    Thomas Bolte
  • Team
    Steve Tisa, Curtis Gifford, Ken Volk, David Pothier, Jake Grauds, Rick Hall, Jody Kaminsky, Meghan Setzer, Taigh White, Darlene Marcroft, Mark Ahrens, Devin Arnold, Amanda Donnelly, Adam Braun, German Carranza, Brianna Thomas, Joneric Amundson, Ryan Luce, Brandon Stumbo, Nick Hulea, Marissa Kopanon, Hannah Rhadigan, Karolina Kiwak, Brandon Stumbo, Ross Keatinge, Eliana Doering, Jillian Ryan, Walter Steed, Justin Emond, Jen Slemp, Ashley Remington
  • Client
  • Credits
    Joneric Amundson, Brandon Stumbo, Nick Hulea

The goal for this project was to unify the now singular brand and create a digital experience that represents UKG as a market leader. Since UKG is also in the business of people, highlighting accessibility was an integral part. The competitive landscape is rife with an overall experience that is complex, convoluted and mundane. Our challenge was to deploy a simple and authentic communication strategy that puts the “human” back in HR. Our language and imagery reflected authentic human content and that makes a difference.