Winner 2022 / Branding / Brand identity


  • Prize
    Winner in Brand identity / Branding
  • Company
  • Lead
    Jenny Lennon
  • Team
    Account Director: Drou Angelides, Strategy Director: David Coupland, Senior Copywriter: Charlie Roberts, Senior Graphic Designer: Becky Gillis, Illustrator and Motion Designer: Isabelle Coury
  • Client

Sapia came to us as Predictive Hire — recruitment software built around AI. Our role was to rebrand the business, communicating what Sapia is and explaining the problem it solves. Our strategy defined Sapia as a platform that used data to improve human decision making. This inspired the new name by combining homosapien with AI. The visual identity supports this with a softer, decidedly not-AI colour palette. As does the logomark’s arrow device — a cheeky nod to Sapia’s flipped ‘ai’ to ‘ia’, while also creating a smiley face. Doodles and illustrations bring further warmth and a human touch.