Best of Best 2022 / UI & UX Design / User Interface design


  • Prize
    Best of Best in User Interface design / UI & UX Design
  • Company
    500 Designs LLC
  • Lead
    Cynna Lemoncito
  • Team
    500 Designs
  • Client

We aimed to represent some of the design language we created for Web3auth in a previous project and redesign their new site to align the design. We leaned in on animation to explain the benefits of the solution and make the experience more engaging. The outcome was a modern, bold look that we feel is easy to absorb.

We are a team of visionary designers, curious problem solvers, and passionate collaborators, who believe that great designs are made when strategy and creativity work together. Our goal is not only to create designs that look good, but designs that serve a purpose. We examine your brand from every angle. We look at the smallest details, bringing together market insights and business goals, to create a focused solution.