Winner 2022 / Exhibition design / Museum exhibitions

Ford Calumet Environmental Center

  • Prize
    Winner in Museum exhibitions / Exhibition design
  • Company
    Valerio Dewalt Train
  • Lead
    Joe Lawton
  • Team
    Joe Lawton, Allison Rokusek, Jacob Goble, Rafael Barontini
  • Client
    Chicago Park District
  • Credits
    Photos: Tom Harris Photography

Once an ecological sanctuary dominated by wetlands, the Calumet Region was altered by more than a century of unregulated industrialization before becoming the Chicago Park District’s largest reclamation project. The Ford Calumet Environmental Center (FCEC) serves as a gateway and a hub—educating visitors about its past and setting precedent for a sustainable future where industry, nature and culture can coexist. Within the 9,300-square-foot facility, a permanent exhibit features the history and environmental advocacy of the park.