Best of Best 2022 / Books / Art & culture books

Verhüllungen // Coverings

  • Prize
    Best of Best in Art & culture books / Books
  • Company
    Atelier Walter Oczlon
  • Lead
    Walter Oczlon
  • Team
    Walter Oczlon
  • Client
    Walter Oczlon
  • Credits
    Photo by Walter Oczlon

About the book project, a 31 meter long leporello (fanfold) book, 382 pages in the format 16.3 x 28 cm:Seeing, photographing, thematizing and adequately presenting everyday things on paper. A book, or more precisely a 31-meter leporello book, becomes an exhibition space and a museum for the “covering” images. Through the choice of material, the special printing and folding technique and the elaborate hand binding, the book itself is turned into a “covering” object. Topic and presentation become a unit.

Walter Oczlon was born and grew up in St. Johann-Salzburg. Starting in 1966, he received training as a photographer and graphic designer at the Höhere Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt and the Master Class for Photography in Vienna. He runs his own studio with a focus on commercial and architectural photography, the pre-press stage, and commercial and advertising graphics since 1979, and currently lives and works in St. Johann and Salzburg, Austria.