Winner 2022 / Packaging / Fashion packaging


  • Prize
    Winner in Fashion packaging / Packaging
  • Company
    Sun Design
  • Lead
    Sun Jian
  • Team
    Sun Jian
  • Client
    Sun Design
  • Credits
    Sun Jian
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Korea Gwangjang-gun yuzu liquor limited edition is designed with patterns that represents ancient Korean kings, bears and tigers. Inspired by the goblet, the package expresses a sense of quality and luxury. There is a cup in the bottle, and there is wine in the cup. You can't drink a lot of good wine. Grapefruit contains a lot of vitamin C. Drinking a glass of wine every time is the healthiest.The box is made of walnut wood with engraved patterns, a method of packaging that has been used earlier in traditional Korean shipping boxes, reflecting the long history of its packaging creativity.

my name is Sun Jian, SunDesign founder. Visiting Professor of Nantong University,Effie Awards Greater China Judge,I'm used to work on the largest advertising company in Japan. In the cross-border of brand design and advertising creativity, a unique design concept and style has been formed.