Winner 2021 / Branding / Brand design

Printers Jack Rebranding

  • Prize
    Winner in Brand design / Branding
  • Company
  • Lead
    Alina Deng
  • Team
    Alina Deng, Kat Yu, Melanie Oventhal
  • Client
    Printers Jack
  • Credits
    Brand Manager: Emily Feng

Printers Jack is a leading brand of sublimation printing supplies that has found fans all over the world. Although it has grown steadily over the course of its existence, it has lacked a strong, well-defined visual language. Our mission is to build a wholly unique visual identity that will inject some much-needed energy and fun into the brand and help it stand out from the competition. The new brand style includes a revamped logo, a striking color palette, new typography, as well as a set of bespoke illustrations and patterns.