Winner 2021 / Books / Art & culture books

Application Book Kulturhauptstadt

  • Prize
    Winner in Art & culture books / Books
  • University
    Peetz & Le Peetz
  • Lead
    Sebastian Peetz
  • Team
    Sebastian Peetz
  • Credits
    Photo by Julian Winkhaus Photography
  • Video

An application book from fictional Hanover of 2059, arriving in the present via pneumatic tube. For the design I refer back to typographic roots: the scroll. By means of the layout, the 100 pages A4 (21m) are enriched with advantages of digital "endless" reading. Space is created for illustrations up to 2m long. The capsule, protective transport medium, serves as showcase and increases tension between inside and outside. Through a clever pedestal cavity, the scroll fixes itself when the hood is closed. It is a strongly differentiated, poetic design. Textile and acrylic are 100% recyclable.