Winner 2021 / Other Graphic Design / Other Graphic Design

k_nd: Putting the 'I' in Kind

  • Prize
    Winner in Other Graphic Design / Other Graphic Design
  • University
    Nanyang Polytechnic
  • Lead
    Melissa Lim Ling Ling
  • Video

We are always taught and reminded to be kind and compassionate towards others. However, we may find ourselves getting so caught up in doing so, that we forget the importance of doing the same towards ourselves - we also need kindness and compassion as much as others do. K_ND is a brand which encourages and prompts users to be more compassionate and kinder to themselves with a guided journal, merchandise and application. The mascot act as their friend; an inner voice, which guides them on this journey of realisation, understanding, validation, self-reflection and action steps to self kindness.