Winner 2021 / Advertising / Print campaigns

LENSAR Campaign Extension

  • Prize
    Winner in Print campaigns / Advertising
  • Company
    Square 1 Partners LLC
  • Lead
    Saul Martinez
  • Team
    Saul Martinez, Dottie Tripp, Law Jackson, Brian Murphy, Ryan Savalle, Leigh Anne Webster, Dean Gyoerkoe, Cheyenne Catli
  • Client
  • Video

The LENSAR Chameleon campaign creates a bridge between existing LENSAR Laser technology and a coming-soon, next-generation technology that will change the paradigm in cataract surgery by adapting to surgeons and their patients. The vivid, eye-catching imagery quickly sets up the concept of adaptivity, which is the key to changing the mindset about the current technology and preconditioning the market for what’s to come. Further, by using different poses and colors, the chameleon can address different facets of the technology and provide the necessary versatility for a cohesive serial campaign.