Winner 2021 / Advertising / Outdoor advertising

HKMC The Policy Reverse Mortgage Programme (PRMP)

  • Prize
    Winner in Outdoor advertising / Advertising
  • Company
    Chatter Design Limited
  • Lead
    Nova Hung
  • Client
    The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited
  • Credits

HKMC is wholly owned by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government through the Exchange Fund. The missions of the HKMC are to promote the stability of the banking sector, wider homeownership, the development of the local debt market, and to promote development of the retirement planning market in Hong Kong. PRMP is a new loan program introduced in 2019 by HKMC.By disregarding the adage that "Ads for silver-haired consumers must be old-fashioned", we were able to capture the various subtle expressions of the models to express the inner feelings of different retired people.