Winner 2021 / Branding / Brand identity


  • Prize
    Winner in Brand identity / Branding
  • Company
  • Lead
    Cai Yidong
  • Client
    Boguang media

incl is an advertising agency. incl means includes, in which the creativity emphasis on tolerance to nurture infinite possibilities. The client requests to highlight the creativity itself in the logo design and hopes that the shape is not merely concise. It's easier for a human to remember. We adopt the existed symbol—— as the symbol of the group through communication. The symbol of ellipsis contains two concepts, that is, known and unknown. "Known" and "unknown" are opposite each other?They can create many possibilities of creativity.

ADC member/HONGKONG design center member Active in design and advertising Industry Constantly seek the harmony between these two Explore the possibilities of diverse expression in advertising and design And the importance of cultural expression in business Provide design solutions and consulting services for cultural and clients