Winner 2021 / Advertising / Innovative technologies (VR and other)


  • Prize
    Winner in Innovative technologies (VR and other) / Advertising
  • Company
  • Lead
    Pancho González
  • Team
    CEO: Carolina Pinheiro, CCO : Pancho González, Creative Director: Pedro Antolín, Art Director: Claudio Sciaraffia, Bruno Marchant, Web Designer: Virginia Labarca, Copywriter: Matías Troncoso, Álvaro González, Account Manager: Jean Carlo Venti.
  • Client
  • Credits
    Partners: Oso Borroso, Kreab, Mzzo, Dentsu
  • Video

Of the 8,300 known animal breeds, 08% are extinct and 22% are in danger of extinction, due to various causes and especially to how humans have impacted their ecosystems. In the middle of the quarantine, WWF Chile launched a mobile web experience called “Huellas De Extinción”. The site www.huellasdeextincion.cl gave the opportunity to revive 3 extinct animals through reality To access, the user must deliver the contact data to WWF Chile and so be in order to raise awareness and eventually become partners.