Winner 2021 / Photography / Other


  • Prize
    Winner in Other / Photography
  • Company
    Zhou Peng Studio
  • Lead
    Zhou Peng

This is a series of GANs algorithm-trained photography (AI-generated), and all the scenes do not exist in our real world. I took over a thousand landscape photos as the dataset for machine learning. The photos integrated all the subtle emotions from the original pieces, and I’ve been suddenly drawn into endless time and space. Comprehend and experience them, I can feel joy and sorrow, happiness and hardship, sense and sensibility. They seem to keep to certain laws, but it changes endlessly. The procession of the creation has surpassed tradition and reached a new level of freedom and peace.

Peng was born in Shanghai, 1983. Trained as a painter in his young age, then studied visual art of theatre at STA and M.F.A Photography at SCAD. He applies the results of his thinking about Eastern and Western ancient philosophies as the basis of creation, involving a series of concepts including Relativity and Dialectics, Changes and Harmony. Integrating the experience and comprehension of people, things and surroundings, he achieves self-transcendence through the artworks. Peng’s artworks are full of intensive personal aesthetics and create a style between abstraction and semi-abstraction.