Winner 2021 / Photography / Advertising

Hope of revival, Long time no see, and Pickup

  • Prize
    Winner in Advertising / Photography
  • Company
    Albums Rivers Corp.
  • Lead
    Liu Yen Hsun
  • Team
    Albums Rivers Corp.
  • Client

1. COVID-19 happened to us, but we picked up time instead. It is hoped that when such fluctuation stops someday, we would cherish our earth and feel the original naivety together.2. We have gained an opportunity to understand our land, lives, important individuals, and ourselves more impressively. When these are met again, we would say, “Long time no see!”.3. During this period of the pandemic, it means the process of restoration of nature. We want to give blessings to this land out of passion. It is anticipated that we would pick up happy new lives after the pandemic gets ended.