Winner 2021 / Online Media / Infographics

The Dirtiest Elections Ever

  • Prize
    Winner in Infographics / Online Media
  • Company
  • Lead
    Heather Jones
  • Team
    Heather Jones, Emily Barone
  • Client
    Time Magazine/Personal Project

The campaign season has been a fire storm of insults, but was it really all that bad? A look back at cheap shots, dirty tricks and October surprises.

With 15+ years experience in media and publishing, I have worn the hats of Art Director, Designer, Graphics Producer and almost everything in between. Using whatever tools at hand—text, data, illustration, photographs, motion and sound— I enjoy exploring and navigating the world through graphics. With both my own and other artists’ original work, I love to tell data-driven visual stories with a detailed eye, and I’ve gotten some cool awards to boot!