Winner 2021 / Branding / Corporate identity

Corporate design for Cologne Cathedral

  • Prize
    Winner in Corporate identity / Branding
  • Company
  • Lead
    Olaf Jäger, CD
  • Team
    Regina Jäger, Art Direction, Tanja Weich, Design, Michael Haberbosch, Design, Carina Kolb, Design, Daniela Eisele, Design, Reinhard Thomas, Design, Lisa Schmidtke, Production
  • Client
    Metropolitankapitel der Hohen Domkirche Köln
  • Video

The new logo for the world-famous house of god is intended to strengthen the public perception and at the same time unite the various areas of the cathedral under one umbrella brand. The new signet of Cologne Cathedral brings together the twin towers of the west facade and the founding impulse for the construction of the cathedral - the three Magi - in its stylized form. Three isosceles golden triangles symbolize a crown and stand for the shrine of the Magi around which the cathedral was built. The upper two triangles reproduce the two towers and their reflection in the Rhine.

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