Winner 2021 / Packaging / Beverage

Bea's Squeeze

  • Prize
    Winner in Beverage / Packaging, Brand identity / Branding
  • Company
    Unsold Studio
  • Lead
    Meaghan Barry and Lilian Crum
  • Client
    Bea's Squeeze
  • Credits
    Jason Duerr (Web Dev), Ellie Frances (Photography)

Our concept is that Bea’s Squeeze is “a productive escape.” It emphasizes everyone needs a break, even the Beas and Oprahs of the world. You need quiet to hear your big ideas, a change of scenery to spark inspiration, and slowness to re?ll your cup. Bea’s Squeeze knows that you can’t always rest for a long time because you’re so busy, but it can give you a quick, productive escape—in a sip.

Run by Partners and Creative Directors, Meaghan Barry and Lilian Crum, Unsold Studio makes businesses and organizations who are in competitive markets stand out with easy-to-implement, tailored design solutions. The studio builds brands with their expertise in: brand strategy, brand identity design, CX (Customer Experience) design, graphic design, creative direction and consulting. Unsold Studio’s clients range from educational and cultural institutions to corporate and retail enterprises.