Winner 2021 / Books / Catalogs

Vetri Speciali - Catalog

  • Prize
    Winner in Catalogs / Books
  • Company
    D'Orsi Studio
  • Lead
    Giuseppe D'Orsi
  • Team
    Mirko Fort, Silvia Odorico
  • Client
    Vetri Speciali SpA
  • Credits
    Render by: Saverio Tarabocchia
  • Video

Divided into 15 single brochures easy to consult for their independence and bound in an elegant binder, the catalogue reflects the various souls of the Vetri Speciali brand. Composed with care to understand the proportions of the models, view the multiplicity of colors, customizations and finishes available, the Vetri Speciali catalogue can be updated over time with extreme ease. From a static consultation tool, it becomes a dynamic work tool with a focus on sustainability as the whole artifact was made with paper from responsibly managed sources.

D’Orsi Studio is an Italian brand that connects the wide and manifold world of design and visual communication to the whole spectrum of contemporary digital, print, video and web media. D’Orsi Studio works in the visual communication field through the study of business strategies, creating brands, marketing plans, realizing websites and advertising together with press office management and event planning.