Winner 2021 / TV / Film / Animation / TV

Dia Super Brands 2021

  • Prize
    Winner in TV / TV / Film / Animation
  • Lead
    Space Of Ad
  • Team
    Krzysztof Justynowicz, Kuba Nowak, Kacper Zaj?czkowski, Katarzyna Lewinska, Esther Barchilón, Julia Stencel, Adam Kmieciak
  • Client
    Dia Retail España SAU
  • Video

Campaign aimed to reposition Dia as a modern brand with relevant private-labels, build traffic and basket value.We created the “Laboratorio de Calidad DIAria” - an abstract place where two scientists analyse the products with lighthearted sketches. The dynamics of heroes created a „Rick and Morty” character relations, approaching products from different angles. Using wordplay and cultural references we met communication goals without forcing our voice.TV, radio, digital/SoMe flights resulted in [uplifted factors up to 15 times more], increase in store traffic and a 15% net sales increase.