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Rakuten Mother's Day Wrapping

  • Prize
    Winner in Other / Other Print (Magazines, Newspapers, Calendars)
  • Company
    Rakuten Design Lab (Rakuten Group, Inc.)
  • Lead
    Naho Takabayashi
  • Credits
    Photo by Shingo Fujimoto

It is customary in Japan to give a bouquet to a mother on Mother's Day. However, most people avoid doing it due to the current situation with coronavirus in recent years. That is why Rakuten Group’s e-commerce platform decided on this bouquet design for gift wrap to provide the experience that "deliver the heart of the gift-giver". In this result, Approximately 90% of users answered they bought it because it was designed specifically for Mother's Day. Furthermore, the number of users who said they would recommend Rakuten to their family and friends increased by 130%.