Winner 2021 / Branding / Brand design


  • Prize
    Winner in Brand design / Branding
  • Company
    Harajuku DESIGN Inc.
  • Lead
    Keiichiro Yanagi
  • Client
    PLUS Corporation.

"ancora" is its own brand store selling fountain pens and stationaries. Nowadays digitalisation and Information & Communication technology has been progressing rapidly. On the other hand, "ancora" focuses on the revival of analog/in person communications. "ancora" reconsiders these analogue values which your own way of writing, drawing from your heart, providing "Fun", "Thoughtful consideration to others" and "Surprising" of stationeries. We created the brand logo, its items, shop items, photo direction and website.

Harajuku DESIGN Inc. is a branding company based on Harajuku, Tokyo. Our company consists of a branding director, a creative director, a producer, a planner, an art director and a designer. We are engaged in developments of CI / VI, graphic design, video production, WEB production, spatial design, planning and development of products, services and products from branding of companies and products.