Winner 2021 / Packaging / Beverage


  • Prize
    Winner in Beverage / Packaging
  • Lead
    Space of Ad
  • Team
    Ana Isabel Terres Hernandez, Krzysztof Justynowicz, Joanna Maciaszczyk, Maciej Zumirski, Jakub Niedzwiecki, Piotr Czajkowski, Olga Bittner-Stachowiak, Bartlomiej Bigosinski
  • Client
    Dia Retail España SAU

If we're wandering around a city or region, we need a companion. And our best companion is always Rambler's beer. It accompanies us everywhere and facilitates making new friends or have interesting conversations.Rambler's. A beer for true vagabonds. Our coquettish and funny brand hero, the letter "R", invites us to discover a wide range of refreshing beers in a lovable design. Each beer is different; each "R" is different, enriched with unique attributes. Each consumer will find the most suitable style of beer and packaging.Cheers!