Winner 2021 / Packaging / Food


  • Prize
    Winner in Food / Packaging
  • Lead
    Space of Ad
  • Team
    Ana Isabel Terres Hernandez, Krzysztof Justynowicz, Joanna Maciaszczyk, Maciej Zumirski, Jakub Niedzwiecki, Piotr Czajkowski, Olga Bittner-Stachowiak, Dorota Gassem
  • Client
    Dia Retail España SAU

That day had to come eventually. The potatoes unite under the Patatas Unidas (United Potatoes) brand to take control of our dinners.Moreover, potatoes from DIA know they are DIAbólicamente sabrosas. Claim with the brand name inside tells us the most important thing – the potatoes are diabolically delicious.The combination of realistic photos with contour illustrations brings freshness and an amusing touch to the design. Comic potato heroes invite you to play with your imagination. Would you rather be enchanted by a Sweet Potato Fairy or bitten by a Fries Dracula?