Winner 2021 / Other Graphic Design / Other Graphic Design

Kenneth Li - HEY Album Cover Design

  • Prize
    Winner in Other Graphic Design / Other Graphic Design
  • Company
    Chatter Design Limited
  • Lead
    Nova Hung
  • Client
    Kenneth Li
  • Credits
    Photo by Jacky Poon
  • Video

A modern violinist composer Kenneth Li was born and raised in Hong Kong, released his first modern jazz album “HEY” in June 2021.Special greeting way to his hometown by returning from England, the album is a record that embraces his homesickness, his thoughts of life, and his imagination. The dim-sighted portrait at the cover represents the uncertain music style & irregular arrangement, collision and harmony appear at the same time, just like the album introduction book, unique picture of each song, but we see the whole picture only when we listen (open) to the whole album.