Best of Best 2021 / Books / Catalogs

Ongoing Matter Catalogue Design

  • Prize
    Best of Best in Catalogs / Books
  • Company
    Sarah Edmands Martin Designs
  • Lead
    Sarah Edmands Martin
  • Team
    Sarah Edmands Martin
  • Client
    The Ongoing Matter Project
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The design of this 104 page, hard cover, image wrap catalogue is for “Ongoing Matter: Democracy, Design, and the Mueller Report.” This project, co-created by Anne H. Berry and Sarah Edmands Martin, is a traveling, multi-platform collection of new poster designs that mobilizes political engagement with The Mueller Report. This catalogue design includes expert interviews, artwork from contributing artists, exhibition photos, design process, and reflections from the Ongoing Matter project.

As a designer, storyteller, and researcher, Sarah specializes in dark narratives and contemporary fable. An Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Indiana University in Bloomington, her work experiments with eclectic media—allowing diverse processes in printmaking, animation, and early photographic methods inform her design practice. She has two other degrees in English Literature and Painting from the University of Maryland, has taught design at the University of Notre Dame and Missouri University of Science & Technology, and continues to balance an active studio practice with research.