Winner 2021 / Packaging / Beverage


  • Prize
    Winner in Beverage / Packaging
  • Lead
    Space of Ad
  • Team
    Ana Isabel Terres Hernandez, Krzysztof Justynowicz, Joanna Maciaszczyk, Maciej Zumirski, Jakub Niedzwiecki, Piotr Czajkowski, Olga Bittner-Stachowiak, Dorota Gassem
  • Client
    Dia Retail España SAU

Hola means hi. And Hola Cola means fun! The greeting “hola” invites you to play, and the use of a simple rhyme makes the brand very memorable.We emphasize the joy of life hidden in cola with the claim. Just disfruta del DIA - enjoy the day but also shopping at the DIA store.Vivid colors, simple, modern typography, and of course – bubbles everywhere. The symbolism in the design makes young people love it. Let’s face it, emojis have taken over the world. That is why a glass, bubbles, or a smile at the bottom of the can appear in a symbolic form. Why complicate things when joy is so simple?