Winner 2021 / Packaging / Beauty & Health


  • Prize
    Winner in Beauty & Health / Packaging
  • Company
    Jiawei Wu Design
  • Lead
    Jiawei Wu
  • Team
    Jiawei Wu

Méandre means "curves of a river." Méandre’s fragrance profile is based on natural, woody notes. The fragrance user will find themselves in a dense forest, among the bushes. The packaging design created for the fragrance is meant to give the audience an alternate experience and the feeling that they are walking in the forest with meandering footprints, leaving a mark wherever they step, implementing the concept of "natural". Natural elements are also captured within the container bottle, including the characteristics of stone material and its signature woody fragrance.

Jiawei Wu is a communications designer who was born and raised in China and is now currently based in New York. She is dedicated to the concept of using multiple tools to achieve the highest level of visual communication. Her style of design is exceptionally unique in that she is constantly experimenting with a variety of materials. She emphasizes storytelling and expands her skills in different areas of design in order to communicate unique ideas and tell stories through her designs. She has professional experience in a variety of specializations such as branding, printmaking and photography.