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+Intention Cards

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    Best of Best in Other Graphic Design / Other Graphic Design
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    Terry Lawrence
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    Terry Lawrence
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    Copywriting: Chris Schipke, Terry Lawrence

Hindsight may be 20|20, but it’s clear, 2020 was a year of insight. There was much we didn’t see coming when 2020 began. A pandemic. Social unrest. Economic struggle. At the end of last year, we invited clients to pause, look back, and think about the energy they wanted to bring to the world moving into 2021. We gathered their shared intentions and compiled them into a set of 2021 +Intention Cards.Individually, each card reflects a person’s intention. Collectively, connections emerge––shared themes, hopes, and purpose. Born of insights, they provide something truly valuable: foresight.

+Intention is a strategic branding and design studio founded by Terry Lawrence. And as our name suggests, we believe in being intentional in everything we do—for a brand, for a relationship, and for a company.Through our design-focused approach, we work with companies to identify customer insights, shape overarching strategies, craft purposeful messages, and create compelling brands that instill belief in the minds of their customers. When people have meaningful connections with a brand, the result is often a trusting and lasting relationship with that brand.