Best of Best 2021 / Packaging / Beverage

Coca-Cola x Porsche: Carrera Cup Packaging Design

  • Prize
    Best of Best in Beverage / Packaging
  • Company
  • Lead
    Catherine Tsui
  • Team
    Jeffrey Hsueh, Maria Pilgaard, Antoine Lemesle
  • Client
    The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola has teamed up with Porsche locally through a series of strategic brand partnerships and collaborative campaigns to leverage the assets of both brands.Labbrand designed the limited edition sleek can, exclusive collection gift set, and animation. On the cans, the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup race car is paired with classic race scenes to recreate the thrilling excitement of the race track. The intricate design details of tire tracks, headlights shadow, turning shoulders, and striking grille of the car created a powerful image conveying the idea of "double the pleasure, full-speed ahead".