Winner 2020 / UI & UX Design / User Experience Design


  • Prize
    Winner in User Experience Design / UI & UX Design, User Interface design / UI & UX Design
  • University
    Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Lead
    Cherie Chung, Laura Ford, Juliana Sampaio
  • Video

With the rise of e-commerce, fast fashion sustains the exponentially growing issue of extreme packaging waste. Packed can maximize package space and minimize waste by connecting fashion shoppers of the same brand in the same area into joint orders. This process holds an individual shopper’s order until more items can be added in the same order by more shoppers; one shopper will host the group package and distribute it on-site. Optimizing space, and overall reducing the amount of packaging used, Packed knows online fashion can be more. One small shopping change. One huge environmental impact.