Winner 2020 / Posters / Musical

Revolutionary Jazz Musicians

  • Prize
    Winner in Musical / Posters
  • University
    University of Cincinnati
  • Lead
    Ryan Page
  • Team
    Associate Professor Reneé Seward
  • Credits
    3 found images from the internet.

The goal was to spotlight the instruments of Buddy Bolden, Fats Waller, and Jason Kao Hwang. I want to emphasize the difference in each of their instrumentations. I also wanted to translate the different styles, rhythms, and patterns heard within their music visually, Bolden’s style upbeat and lively, Waller’s smooth and melodic, and Hwang’s unpredictable and eerie style. Finally, I also wanted to convey their impact on jazz’s genre as a whole how each of these three men’s music revolutionized the jazz musical landscape of what jazz was thought to have been.