Winner 2020 / Photography / Fashion

Scarlet Crusade

  • Prize
    Winner in Fashion / Photography
  • University
    Universidad De Burgos
  • Lead
    Aitor Del Arco

Scarlet Crusade speaks of blind faith. Having faith in something usually means something positive, although it also ties us to a series of beliefs that can lead us to deplorable acts. In the series you can see a cross that is repeated as iconic religious symbology, this is because religion in general has been the cause of numerous calamitous acts worldwide, both in wars and in personal settings for beliefs / faith / dogmas based on ideals / doctrines that sometimes encourage us to carry out unusual or mournful actions, getting them to normalize according to the cultural nucleus.

Hey! I'm Aitor(26) an amateur photographer based in Burgos (Spain) and student of audiovisual communication. I began to take photographs in order to express my most painful feelings by showing the beauty and wisdom that can be found in them by mixing social criticism. I believe that photography and, above all, fine art photography can have a great impact on people and be the perfect envelope to convey a consistent message.