Winner 2020 / UI & UX Design / User Experience Design


  • Prize
    Winner in User Experience Design / UI & UX Design
  • University
    School of Visual Arts
  • Lead
    Qiuyang Fu
  • Credits
    Research Partner: Mitchell Hou

MAD + is an interactive experience design for the Museum of Art and Design. MAD + provide 3D print service to allow people to get three-dimensional souvenirs after their visit to the museum. The design of this application is aiming to help the museum gain more population and showcase the beauty of the hand-craft artworks.

Felix Fu is the founder of Design of NØNE STUDIO (Shenzhen Kongji Design Consulting Co., Ltd). He and Natalie co-founded Kongji in August 2019. Felix is a multi-disciplinary designer working with a focus on interactive experience and brand identity. In 2017, Felix started NØNE STUDIO as his personal studio; in two years, the business has grown into the now international design consulting firm, Kongji. Prior to founding Kongji, Felix had worked at Ogilvy, R/GA, and Publicis. His industry experiences consist of interactive experience, product design, and advertising campaign projects