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Post Material

  • Prize
    Winner in Other books / Books
  • University
    Art Center College of Design
  • Lead
    Chaeyeon Park
  • Credits
    Photo by: Kevin Chung

Human beings need materials to meet their needs and wants. These materials shape the individual’s perception of the world. More importantly, the products that people consume each day have a significant impact on their behaviors and traits. These materials can either improve or worsen the living conditions of people in the universe. In the future, we might live on Mars through the advanced usage of materials. Humans are continually improving the use of materials, and the book Post Material postulates an effective transition from current materials to future materials.

Hi, my name is Chaeyeon Park. I am a transmedia designer who loves to create and work with ideas. I am capable of working in other variety of media types including: art directing, branding, editorial print, motion, and fashion design.