Best of Best 2020 / Branding / Brand design


  • Prize
    Best of Best in Brand design / Branding, Brand identity / Branding
    Winner in Typefaces / Typography
  • University
    Art Center College of Design
  • Lead
    Chaeyeon Park

BRIC is a museum and cultural center in Brooklyn. It embraces the diversity of the city, giving a platform to local artists and creatives. BRIC embraces free speech and champions it in art and media. The museum aims to ignite a passion for community and activism, centralizing the diverse voices that help drive culture forward. The rebranding of BRIC was inspired by the unapologetic voice of the institution. Just like the museum, the new branding of the identity is vocal, flexible, and active. The forms in the logo are highly responsive to their environment, much like the citizens of Brooklyn.

Hi, my name is Chaeyeon Park. I am a transmedia designer who loves to create and work with ideas. I am capable of working in other variety of media types including: art directing, branding, editorial print, motion, and fashion design.