Best of Best 2020 / Photography / Other

The Truths

  • Prize
    Best of Best in Other / Photography
  • University
    Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Lead
    Zhou Peng

The inspirations of my abstract artworks of photography originate from classical Chinese and Western philosophy. The responsibilities of my art quest the deeply and primitive common thoughts between different civilizations to dissolve people’s estrangement. “Harmony” and “Changes” are the key points I have hitherto been worked on. My aesthetic direction has been profoundly inspired by Chinese painting— Line, Qi (Spirit-resonance and Life-movement)—and Western oil painting—Color, Light. I try to utilize the key points to mix the principles and create fresh visualization in my art.

Peng was born in Shanghai, 1983. Trained as a painter in his young age, then studied visual art of theatre at STA and M.F.A Photography at SCAD. He applies the results of his thinking about Eastern and Western ancient philosophies as the basis of creation, involving a series of concepts including Relativity and Dialectics, Changes and Harmony. Integrating the experience and comprehension of people, things and surroundings, he achieves self-transcendence through the artworks. Peng’s artworks are full of intensive personal aesthetics and create a style between abstraction and semi-abstraction.