Winner 2020 / Advertising / Social media campaigns

F'real, Alternate F'reality

  • Prize
    Winner in Social media campaigns / Advertising
  • Company
  • Designer
    Sean DallasKidd
  • Design Team
    Joey Hodges, Liana Ogden, Andrew Peth, Scott Iverson, Nicole Robichaud, Zachary Barker, Olivia Belinsky
  • Credits
    VR Production Company: Tactic

“Choose Your Alternate F’reality” (#FrealAF), celebrates the recent brand relaunch and packaging refresh via an integrated marketing campaign. To meet Gen-Z consumers where they are, the campaign consists of a first-of-its-kind virtual reality (VR) experience & multi-platform live digital event, social challenge, influencer activations and ad creative leveraged across digital, mobile and social channels, and featured on f’real blender screens in store.