Winner 2020 / Packaging / Beverage


  • Prize
    Winner in Beverage / Packaging
  • Company
    Tsushima Design
  • Lead
    Hajime Tsushima
  • Team
    Yukiko Tsushima
  • Client

This is sake that is made based on the idea that the material itself, everything is important. The name of this sake is Tenmei. I imagined a bottle of sake with the motif of the kanji character "Ten". This is not an ordinary print label. There is a hole in the label. The hole is open, and it shows the clarity and freshness of this liquor, making it appear transparent. in order to put out an impact, I made it a perforated label. These are a series of three sakes of different taste depending on how the rice is cut. We expressed three kinds by white, gold, silver labels.