Winner 2020 / Photography / Other

Nest in Hands

  • Prize
    Winner in Other / Photography
  • Company
    Studio and
  • Lead
    Jean-Benoit Levy
  • Team
    Design and conception: Jean-Benoit Levy, Photography: Lee Friedman (leefriedmanphoto.com)
  • Client
    Goldsmith Atelier Schaffner + Gysin
  • Credits
    Logo Martin Sommer

The photography of a bird nest, delicately held between two hands to symbolize love and care for something fragile and valuable, such as the jewel this small studio in Basel, Switzerland, creates as luxury objects to be worn. The human sign in the center of the nest was inspired by 10000 year old petroglyphs found in a cave in Val Camonica, Italy. It is engraved in each jewel that this small goldsmith atelier creates. Placed at the center of the poster, it also shows that humankind is at the center of the goldsmith's creations.

Educated in graphic design at the Basel School of Design. JBL is an international graphic designer and visual communicator. For over 20 years JBL is the founder and principal of the graphic "Studio AND" in Basel. Known more for his posters, JBL has received numerous design awards and published a book about hand signs. JBL works on projects emphasizing visual design, information design, and visual communication. Member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI), JBL has also a wide experience in teaching and brings his expertise in the class room. JBL lives now in San Francisco, California.