Winner 2020 / Other Graphic Design / Other Graphic Design


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    Winner in Other Graphic Design / Other Graphic Design, Social responsibility Focus / Social Responsibility, Educational / Posters
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    Hsin Yi Huang
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This project seeks to engage a public conversation on the stigmas around depression. The installation took place in a long hallway, representing the longevity of depression and staying power through the lifetime of a patient. The use of large types communicates the common stigmas around depression. Conversely, the smaller type are the often neglected voices from people who have depression. The mirrors are installed to guide the participants to reflect upon themselves.

Design is an effective tool to give audience a direct message and the minority need this superpower to speak for their voice. In the past a year of freelancing, I grounded myself at a non-profit group. Many thinks starting off my career as a volunteer sound naïve. However, I had the most enjoyment and encouragement of my life. Solving actual issues with design gives me more achievement than looking at numbers turning from red to black. I witnessed the impact and changes in people’s lives after our team successfully raised the awareness. Design is an irreplaceable talent to social engagements a