Winner 2020 / Functional Typography / Signage

Stadtbibliothek Dornbirn

  • Prize
    Winner in Signage / Functional Typography
  • Company
    Sägenvier DesignKommunikation
  • Lead
    Sigi Ramoser
  • Team
    Nicolai Pritzl
  • Client
    Stadt Dornbirn
  • Credits
    Photo by: Marcel Alber

Dornbirn’s new city library is a modern and open place where everybody is welcome to meet, chat, play and read. We’ve created a guidance system that is informative and poetic. The tarnish protection on the building’s glass elements says „I am me“ in several languages from all around the globe. Everybody is invited to stay in the library as the individual person he or she is – no matter what gender, race or identity. To support the atmosphere of a feel-good place the floorguides are written in a less objective way and little quotes are installed inside and outside the building.