Winner 2020 / Branding / Brand design

Brandhaus 7 brand relaunch

  • Prize
    Winner in Brand design / Branding
  • Company
    Jaeger & Jaeger
  • Lead
    Regina Jäger, Olaf Jäger
  • Team
    Tanja Weich, Reinhard Thomas, Nicola Nolle
  • Client
    Brandhaus 7
  • Video

Brandhaus 7 is a small distillery based in a 400 year old farm house deep in the Black Forest in Germany. The philosophy of the company is simple: only use local and mainly self-produced ingredients, create clear and intense flavors, and only supply the highest quality. In order to translate this rich product history into a brand design, the key visuals were derived from tree marks typically used by loggers. The liqueurs on the other side show old topographic maps, which ironically give a hint to the hidden location of the distillery: Handcrafted spirits from beyond the middle of nowhere.

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