Winner 2020 / Branding / Brand design


  • Prize
    Winner in Brand design / Branding
  • Company
    Harajuku DESIGN Inc.
  • Lead
    Keiichiro Yanagi
  • Team
    Keiichiro Yanagi, Saori Martin
  • Client

Branding / Creative direction, Art direction, Identity, Graphics, Website, Display In the Edo period, there was a wealth of arts and cultures. "TOMOE EDO JAPAN" is a jewelry brand, based on the concept of Edo's “tradition and refinement”. We rebranded as a whole, from the development of brand statements, to its logos, brand books, store graphic tools, store displays, product photography and created websites.

Harajuku DESIGN Inc. is a branding company based on Harajuku, Tokyo. Our company consists of a branding director, a creative director, a producer, a planner, an art director and a designer. We are engaged in developments of CI / VI, graphic design, video production, WEB production, spatial design, planning and development of products, services and products from branding of companies and products.